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About T3K

We want to make the world a safer place by detecting and stopping the spread of illicit content in photo and video data with our leading AI-based classifiers and mobile forensic analytics platform.

Our Story

Founded as a provider of expert witness work and consulting services in digital forensics, T3K has developed into a software solution provider for industry-leading AI media screening.

We used our hands-on background to develop our first automated analysis tool, and we’ve been working with global law enforcement to keep maximizing the benefits to agencies ever since.


Everyone at T3K works towards our goal of using our extensive expertise in content detection to make a change!

From crimes against children to Violent Extremism, through to organised and financial crime – we enable Law Enforcement and corporations to speed up investigations, identify victims, and bring bad actors to justice.

Our Team

Our international team consists of bright young professionals who are highly motivated to make the world a safer place


Felix Klier

Founder & CEO


Martina Tschapka

Director Operations


Richard Köwer

Chief Technology Officer


Michael Uray

Chief Commercial Officer


David Weichselbaum

Chief Research Officer


Gareth Ballance

Head of Product

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