Getting data out of an iOS device can be extremely challenging for forensics professionals. Apple is continuously making it harder for law enforcement to extract iPhone data by changing its security model continuous. Therefore, T3K-Forensics and ElcomSoft are teaming up and offering an iOS Forensics training, targeted at mobile forensics experts, who want to get informed about the latest extracting techniques/possibilities on iOS devices.

If you are on your way to becoming an iOS Forensics Expert or would like to learn the fundamentals of how to extract data from iOS devices, this will be the ideal training for you. This training will focus on the essential requirements needed to acquire iOS device data successfully, as well as allowing you to gain knowledge about the Apple iOS security concepts and app structures.

Training dates:

17.-19. October 2018 in Vienna (open-seat)

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Here’s a bit more about the new training:

The iOS Forensics training is targeted at practiced forensic experts who need deeper skills in working with iOS devices. This training will teach the participants modern Apple iOS logical & physical acquisition techniques, especially working with backups, jailbreak and iCloud. iOS app data structure and extraction as well as analyzing app binaries for gaining knowledge on app data extraction is part of this extraordinary training.

The iOS Forensics Training is held in cooperation between instructors from T3K and ElcomSoft.

*Participants receive the book “Mobile Forensics – Advanced Investigative
Strategies” by Vladimir Katalov and Oleg Afonin*

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