We are very happy that with the launch of our new products Biocapture and CORE, and the continuous improvements of our flagship LEAP, T3K is growing as much as it is, but that also brought along an office space problem – even during times of more Home Office days.

Therefore, we have just moved into our new headquarter, located in an area of the 2nd District of Vienna which saw a lot of innovation and expansion over the last few years. Perfect fit for T3K!

The close proximity to the Danube and Prater certainly don’t dampen our spirits either.

Even as we are still in the process of getting the last steps done, we are always up and running for any questions or requests you might have, and we look forward to welcoming our customers, partners and friends here as soon as possible.

You can now find us at Ernst-Melchior-Gasse 24, 1020 Vienna.


Our most valuable employee Laika has already fallen in love with our new place and can’t wait to see you!