Bringing Artificial Intelligence to Mobile Forensics

The sheer amount of data found on modern mobile devices does not only open up opportunities for accessing new data sources, but also presents new challenges for forensic investigations. It is T3K-Forensics’ mission to take up on this challenge by introducing meaningful automation to mobile forensics, employing state of the art machine learning technologies in order to help mobile forensics experts and investigators find evidence faster and easier.

AI by T3K-Forensics is trained and tweaked by our own machine learning specialists, enabling us to react to the customer’s needs quickly and addressing niche demands. By employing bleeding edge machine learning technologies, analytical products and solutions by T3K-Forensics can utilize the full potential of a machine’s computational power, for example by harnessing the power of GPU’s to speed up processing. These novel approaches increase efficiency and ulitmately produce better results.

With great automation comes great responsibility.

This is the reason most other companies are slow to adapt artificial intelligence.

As pioneers of forensic automation we take on this responsibility. We favor our own AI models over the off-the-shelf variants other players use — with unique results. The AI architectures we develop have a purely forensic focus, as do the datasets we train them on. We develop these datastets in close collaboration with law enforcement agencies, this way ensuring that our AI has its roots based on forensic expert knowledge.


Automated Analysis of Smartphone Extractions

The ever increasing use of mobile devices has resulted in huge amounts of data being stored on smartphones and tablets. In time and resource critical law enforcement cases, finding relevant data fast continues to become harder. Our solution: LEAP

T3K-LEAP allows full automation of the analysis process and creates reliable and meaningful reports about the phone’s content. The reports contain focused information which is designed to be easily understood and are created within few minutes after extraction. LEAP can be used without the need for specialist knowledge and training. The system is highly compatible and works in tandem with extractions made by common mobile forensics tool-kits, allowing them to be analyzed by LEAP.

T3K-LEAP does not replace the mobile forensic specialist, but allows a fast triage process to locate and highlight key information within minutes. It provides the ability to quickly decide which mobile devices may be relevant to an investigation and therefore allowing the more in-depth examination by forensic experts or investigation teams to be more focussed.

Current Fields of Application:

  • Immigration & Identification
    • Focus on identity and country of origin of a person
  • Terror screenings
    • Picture and text data analysis (e.g. Propaganda)
  • Human trafficking / smuggling of goods
    • Detection of various goods or hints to human trafficking
  • Crime against children
    • Detection of images containing child exploitation by advanced object recognition
  • Trade of illegal goods
    • Communication and picture analysis
  • Financial concerns / white collar crime
    • Watchlists and text data analysis

Are you interested?

LEAP delivers decision-relevant data quickly and reliably through the automated analysis of smartphone extractions. Contact us for more information!