Content Review Engine powered by IVi


CORE is an image and video classifier that supports corporations and governments with their review of internal storage and hosted digital content for the presence of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) images and videos.

It deals with the biggest challenges facing agencies and corporations in detecting inappropriate content:

  • Enormous Data Volume
  • Hash databases are easily compromised
  • Human review of inappropriate content is demanding
  • Not all AI tools are state of the art

Easy Integration

CORE integrates seamlessly into existing content review workflows and automatically flags inappropriate videos and images.

Powered by IVi

Powered by T3K’s enhanced AI media analyzer IVi (Image and Video identifier technology), CORE provides unmatched performance and accuracy detecting CSA content.

IVi is the new technology benchmark in the spectrum of AI-based media classification. IVi’s scientific-grade, law enforcement-trained and verified machine learning algorithm is the current state of the art for CSA detection.

IVi’s design eliminates Background Factoring that other AI technologies can mistakenly incorporate, and it can adapt a 2-stage scanning process, for example in the case of CSA, further reducing false positives.


CORE can be used separately from the LEAP platform it was originally developed for, exemplary deployment options could be:

  • Linux based hosts
  • Dockerized/Kubernetes
  • AWS instances
  • Dedicated hardware

Currently focusing mainly on Child Sexual Abuse, CORE can be trained to find other image classes according to customer needs, either by T3K or by the customer themselves, with T3K’s AI Amplifier.


Detects new CSA images and videos and concealed content

  • Unlike Hashing and Photo DNA algorithms, CORE also detects previously unknown or modified inappropriate content
  • Detects CSA content embedded or hidden inside other media
  • Supports images and videos

High detection rates & performance

  • Unmatched accuracy
  • Low false positive rate
  • High throughput and speed

Integrates into existing workflows and processes

  • Equally effective as an automated filtering tool that identifies specific locations for further review, or as an analyst’s tool for targeted projects
  • Complementary to existing tools, (HashID, PhotoDNA Hash Databases)