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Our services for public prosecutors & businesses

We specialize in smartphone forensics and additionally offer cloud forensics, “classic” IT forensics, forensic data analysis and incident response services. We have years of experience in providing expert witness services for Austrian and UK courts and law enforcement therefore we offer a forensically sound approach, thorough documentation and structured, comprehensible reports and witness statements.

Because we are independent of any auditing companies, we can provide unprejudiced and unobstructed investigations and are also able to cooperate with any 3rd party already conducting investigations but requiring assistance in one of our fields of expertise.

Mobile Device Forensics

The field of mobile device forensics (i.e. the forensic extraction and analysis of smartphones, tablets and also navigation devices, digital cameras, drones, etc.) is especially challenging because of the fast-paced product cycles, frequent software updates and inherent security features of smartphones. Furthermore, this is compounded by the proliferation of 3rd party apps available in app stores and the ever-increasing range of apps commonly found on mobile devices.

T3K-Forensics specializes in the extraction and in-depth analysis of Android and Apple devices and maintains close relationships with the manufacturers of all major toolkits for smartphone forensics. This allows us to be able to offer you the benefits of the vast amount of data saved in smartphones: calls, chats, emails and other communication data, calendar entries, notes, browser history, location data, connected cloud storage accounts, etc.

Unlocking Mobile Devices

Locked mobile devices can often hinder or stop a forensic investigation, as most devices currently on the market utilize highly advanced security features and data encryption. Even if the passcode for a smart device is known, obtaining data from the device can be challenging because of said security features. By using state of the art smartphone forensics toolkits and in collaboration with specialized labs, T3K-Forensics is able to crack lock screens and encryption and extract data from most devices currently on the market.

IT Forensics

T3K-Forensics are experienced in providing a wide range of IT forensic services, including forensic imaging and analysis of desktop machines, laptops, servers and other associated storage media such as memory cards, memory sticks, USB hard drives, NAS devices etc.

Our forensic specialists are trained in the use of industry standard forensic imaging and analysis tools in support of criminal, civil and corporate investigations. We operate to the highest standards ensuring exhibits and evidential data is handled and stored correctly and securely.

Field Triage

Field triage is used to significantly save time and money in forensic investigations with many devices or large amounts of data involved. Our experts will work out the case details ahead of the investigation with you, creating keyword- and priority lists and will utilize triage software to decide quickly in the field, which devices will actually have to be extracted and analyzed and, if applicable, limit data to relevant time frames and/or data types before starting the extraction process.

We deploy specialized forensic software as well as in-housed developed tools which utilize advanced machine learning to help us to cope with filtering and analyzing very large amounts of data in short time.

Cloud Forensics

Most devices, PCs and Smartphones alike, are connected to various cloud services. These services can therefore hold valuable information for forensic investigations as they may contain data which is no longer available on the devices themselves or has never been stored on the device in the first place. T3K-Forensics uses professional cloud forensics software for cloud-based investigations to ensure forensic integrity of the extracted data.

Incident Response

Incident Response is the (forensic) response to security breaches such as hacker attacks, malware infection of a device or a network or other potentially catastrophic incidents in enterprises. Our experts will help to investigate and solve the incident by creating and analyzing forensic images of affected devices, will examine if data was compromised or stolen and will aid in taking action to prevent future incidents.