Mobile Security Services

In cooperation with Kibosec

In cooperation with Kibosec GmbH, we are able to offer you a wide range of mobile security services.

Automatic Security & Privacy Analysis of Mobile Apps

We provide a platform for automatic security checks of smartphone apps (Android & iOS)

  • It finds security-critical data accidentally left in the app bundle
  • Automatic analysis of cryptographic libraries
  • Tests for protection against automatic static reverse engineering attempts
  • Automatic check of the Android permissions model
  • Automatic searches for Cryptographic keys, Passwords, API keys & secrets…

Data Recovery and Privacy in Database Systems

We developed methods for forensic investigations of MySQL (InnoDB storage engine) and SQLite (e.g., Android & iOS) databases (adaptation for other database systems is possible).

  • Recovery of deleted data and generation of timelines of modifications
  • Detection of manipulations (data layer as well as on the index)

We design und evaluate database systems regarding compliance with different regulations (e.g. data privacy)

  • Secure deletion in databases
  • “the right to be forgotten”

T3K-Analytics Device Check Routines

We offer a tool for comparing the state of a mobile phone to older states in order to detect if it has been tampered with

  • Hidden installation of new apps
  • Removal of apps
  • Modified settings
  • Apps with changed digital signatures
    to detect if an app has been tampered with
  • Blacklisted apps, locations, connected
    WiFis, URLs, and cookies
  • Complements existing MDM solutions

Supports Android & iOS (some features are OS dependent), a report outlining the device’s details and changes is generated within a couple of minutes

DNS Fallback

  • VPN connections are used to secure Internet and company/agency service access
  • Challenge: VPNs can be blocked
  • Solution: Specialized DNS server, monitoring the domains accessed by the mobile devices

Other Mobile Security Services

  • Network analysis of mobile apps
  • Live Security Monitoring for mobile devices
  • Mobile Malware and Binary/Bytecode Analysis
  • Mobile Operating System Hardening
Mobile- & Cloud Forensics

Securing and evaluating smartphones, tablets and cloud data.


Identification, securing, analysis, preparation and documentation of evidence on data carriers

Expert opinions

Analysis, preparation and judicial use of digital evidence

Forensics Trainings

Mobile Forensics Trainings & Workshops for authorities in the European area


Automated analysis of smartphone extractions

Mobile Security

Identify and defend the threats of mobile devices