Mobile Security Services

In Kooperation mit Kibosec

In Kooperation mit der Kibosec GmbH können wir Ihnen verschiedenste Dienstleistungen im Bereich Mobile Security anbieten.

Automatic Security & Privacy Analysis of Mobile Apps

We provide a platform for automatic security checks of smartphone apps (Android & iOS)

  • It finds security-critical data accidentally left in the app bundle
  • Automatic analysis of cryptographic libraries
  • Tests for protection against automatic static reverse engineering attempts
  • Automatic check of the Android permissions model
  • Automatic searches for Cryptographic keys, Passwords, API keys & secrets…

Data Recovery and Privacy in Database Systems

We developed methods for forensic investigations of MySQL (InnoDB storage engine) and SQLite (e.g., Android & iOS) databases (adaptation for other database systems is possible).

  • Recovery of deleted data and generation of timelines of modifications
  • Detection of manipulations (data layer as well as on the index)

We design und evaluate database systems regarding compliance with different regulations (e.g. data privacy)

  • Secure deletion in databases
  • “the right to be forgotten”

T3K-Analytics Device Check Routines

We offer a tool for comparing the state of a mobile phone to older states in order to detect if it has been tampered with

  • Hidden installation of new apps
  • Removal of apps
  • Modified settings
  • Apps with changed digital signatures
    to detect if an app has been tampered with
  • Blacklisted apps, locations, connected
    WiFis, URLs, and cookies
  • Complements existing MDM solutions

Supports Android & iOS (some features are OS dependent), a report outlining the device’s details and changes is generated within a couple of minutes

DNS Fallback

  • VPN connections are used to secure Internet and company/agency service access
  • Challenge: VPNs can be blocked
  • Solution: Specialized DNS server, monitoring the domains accessed by the mobile devices

Other Mobile Security Services

  • Network analysis of mobile apps
  • Live Security Monitoring for mobile devices
  • Mobile Malware and Binary/Bytecode Analysis
  • Mobile Operating System Hardening
Mobile- & Cloud Forensics

Sicherstellung und Auswertung von Smartphones, Tablets und Cloud-Daten.


Identifizierung, Sicherstellung, Analyse, Aufbereitung und Dokumentation von Beweisen auf Datenträgern


Analyse, Aufbereitung und gerichtliche Verwertbarmachung digitaler Beweismittel

Forensics Trainings

Mobile Forensics Trainings & Workshops für Behörden im europäischen Raum


Schnellanalyse mobiler Endgeräte im Triage-Verfahren.

Mobile Security

Bedrohungen mobiler Geräte erfolgreich erkennen und abwehren