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AI Solutions for Smarter Digital Data Screening

Helping law enforcement and businesses to identify and screen media data faster

Highest Precision.
Highest Recall.

Our sophisticated media classification and content detection engine is the “brain” of all our solutions. To tackle the challenges from a more digitalized world, our AI classifiers constitute the current industry standard in detection of new and unknown content.


Additionally, we develop disruptive technologies to detect specific contents and similarities in masses of digital data, using natural language processing algorithms, as well as image to image and pattern searches.

Analysis on-premise or in the Cloud

Scalable media screening solutions for maximum data throughput

Granular Classifiers

Trained with high precision and recall in mind, and adjustable to customer-specific data

Easy Training & Retraining

Unique access to training data and rapid process through usage of abstracted files

Profound Expertise

Leveraging years of hands-on data analysis work to bring expertise into our development process

We leverage artificial intelligence to identify  bad actors

T3K brings artificial intelligence to digital forensics, developing unique AI solutions for automated analysis of mass data to simplify and accelerate digital forensic investigations.


We develop solutions based on machine learning and cutting-edge technology for eDiscovery and international law enforcement agencies, with particular expertise in identification and human trafficking, counter-extremism and counter-terrorism, organised crime, drug abuse, and a special focus on the detection of child abuse images in pictures and videos - online or offline.

Our Partners

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Making the world a safer place

The AI Classifiers that form the foundation of our solutions can process multiple media formats. They offer the highest detection rate on the market. They’re designed to assist you in your daily work and take the time-consuming and emotionally challenging part of screening masses of media data for you.

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