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Global leader in AI solutions for law enforcement and private enterprise. We harness the power of AI to find and classify illegal and harmful content.

Use our Solutions Finder to discover how T3K can meet your investigative needs. Let us guide you through the process to ensure we create a tailored solution. 

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LEAP is an automated tool for quick analysis of data from mobiles and other sources. It provides automated media classification to detect certain illicit content. LEAP can analyse communication patterns, verify identities, countries of origin & quickly screen persons of interest. 


CORE is an image and video classifier that screens data to find illegal and inappropriate content such as child sexual abuse material, terrorism and more. CORE is the world leader in child abuse detection. In addition, CORE is an API-only solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing content review workflows.


Biocapture uses the power of a smartphone camera to create a high quality fingerprint capture tool for law enforcement and security professionals. Biocapture uses a standard smartphone, making it a truly mobile solution.


About Us

Making the world a safer place by
detecting & stopping the spread
of illicit content. 

T3K was founded by specialists in expert witness work and digital forensics consulting. We used our hands-on background to develop cutting edge solutions based on machine learning. This helps law enforcement agencies accelerate their investigations. Our AI classifiers offer the highest detection rate on the market. They reduce time-consuming work, and reduce the emotional challenges associated.

Our AI classifiers include:

* T3K can also offer custom classifiers (only in close co-operation with the customer)

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