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Press Kit 

Are you a journalist/writer/Influencer/podcaster or just interested in what we do?

On this page you can find various sized descriptions about T3K & videos. If you can't find what you´re looking for then please contact us via:


Here is how we describe T3K in various ways and word count sizes. These descriptions are aimed to give journalists & others a helping hand when writing about the important work that we do. 

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20 word description

T3K offers AI based solutions for law enforcement & enterprises to help find and stop the spread of illicit content. 


47 word description

Unlawful content is frequently shared online and on devices. The rate of which is increasing year on year. T3K has harnessed the power of AI for good, helping law enforcement to quickly find bad actors, as well as assisting online platforms in identifying harmful and illegal content. 

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143 word description

The digitisation of the world has brought many benefits but also many challenges.  Illicit content & data is shared online and stored in cloud environments as well as on personal devices. However, it can be challenging for law enforcement (as well as private companies) to find bad actors as they must shift through millions of pieces of media in the hopes of identifying suspects. That is why T3K has brought together state of the art AI combined with years of law enforcement knowledge to assist LEAs & enterprises in finding illicit content. Our products harness the power of machine learning & AI to help identify illicit media data on mobile phones or online. Additionally, we offer a wide range of AI classifiers and have the leading CSAM classifier in the world with a 90%+ true positive detection rate.  


200 word description 

T3K was founded by industry experts, working hand in hand with law enforcement agencies to bring together industry knowledge and state of the art AI to assist law enforcement in finding illicit content faster than ever before. 

T3K offers LEAP and CORE as its flagship products. LEAP helps law enforcement to quickly analyse data from smartphone and device extractions. LEAP is a quick automated data analysis solution that is tailored to specific customer needs. CORE is a media classification API solution that helps law enforcement & companies to detect illegal & harmful content that is shared or hosted online. We combine the predictability of LEAP with the scalable high-margin model of CORE, creating the ultimate solutions for our customers.

Additionally, our technology can detect specific content and similarities in masses of digital data, using natural language processing algorithms, as well as image to image and pattern searches. T3K's solutions are capable of processing multiple media formats with the highest detection rate on the market.  We offer a range of AI classifiers including CSAM and extremism classifiers with 90%+ true positive hit rate. On top of this, T3K can develop custom classifiers for various needs.

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