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Harnessing the power of machine learning & AI for good

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CORE logo

CORE is an image, video & audio classifier that supports corporations & governments with their review of digital content such as CSAM. CORE is an API that can integrate seamlessly into existing content review workflows. It automatically flags inappropriate videos, images, audio & documents.

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LEAP is an automated tool allowing law enforcement to perform quick analysis of mobile devices and other media sources for relevant digital evidence. LEAP automatically generates fast, analytical reports to instantly focus an investigation, helping you to identify priority targets and devices. LEAP can scan for human trafficking, smuggling, CSAM, terrorism & much more. 

AIRA logo

Easy, automated detection of known/1st Generation CSAM in data extracted from mobile devices, forensic laptop images, and other digital data storage devices.


Utilizes mobile phones and machine learning to enable law enforcement to identify & verify fingerprints in the field. 


We Integrate With Your eDiscovery & Forensic Tools

The CORE API is designed for seamless integration into existing back-end infrastructure to power up your existing workflow with best-in-class media classification. Dockerized solution with REST or gRPC. Uses Nvidia Triton Inference Server to push much of the workload to the GPU for better performance.

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