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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Media Analytics

Our Solutions

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Media data screening tool for enterprises, institutions and government agencies. Our media classification API solution to detect illegal and harmful content shared or hosted online as well as recovered from digital devices.

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Supporting law enforcement around the globe with digital forensics. Our platform to quickly analyze data from smartphone extractions and other digital storage media.

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Easy, automated detection of known and 1st Generation CSAM in data extracted from mobile devices, from forensic laptop images, or on other digital data storage devices.


Touchless, smartphone-based fingerprint capturing SDK for Android and iOS. Fully AFIS compatible.

We Integrate With Your eDiscovery & Forensic Tools

The CORE API is designed for seamless integration into existing back-end infrastructure to power up your existing workflow with best-in-class media classification. Dockerized solution with REST or gRPC. Uses Nvidia Triton Inference Server to push much of the workload to the GPU for better performance.

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