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What’s new @ CORE – Individual encrypted licences

CORE already provides a wide range of powerful features for investigations that involve analysis of media data. Classifiers, Metaclassifiers, Pattern Recognition, text2image and image2image searches – the possibilities are vast, and the use-cases are diverse.

Depending on the type of investigation, CORE can support you with detecting data, but equally important also with filtering of irrelevant data.

Now while we’re proud of the wealth of different features CORE provides, we’re aware that depending on your personal use-case, you might only need specific functionalities. As the usability for our customers is our biggest guide, and as we want to be mindful of customers‘ computational and also human resources, we came up with a solution.

We have introduced a new licencing model for CORE, that allows functionality to be controlled using a variety of parameters set within the encrypted licence key, with adaptable options to be tailored to specific customer needs. This increases security as well as modularity.

If you have a lot of media data to be analysed, and you’re overwhelmed by the amount of it, talk to us about CORE. We can be of help!

Individual Classifiers are possible as well!

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