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BIOCAPTURE website launched!

We told you to keep your eyes open for more info to come…and here you are!

Yesterday we launched the website for BIOCAPTURE, our mobile touchless fingerprinting solution.

You should head over to right now if you’re looking for:

- Touchless, smartphone-based fingerprinting for Android and iOS

- Fingerprinting 1-10 fingers, based on your use-case

- Matching against AFIS and other databases on the spot

- Ability to perform on-device matching for immediate controls, such as access, persons enrolled for a specific service, "most wanted" lists, and more

BIOCAPTURE lets you easily calibrate your device camera if it’s not on our already extensive list of pre-calibrated devices. There are different output formats available, including WSQ and NIST Type 14, and we currently support 500 and 1000dpi output images (depending on hardware performance and camera).

Check out all the details on the new BIOCAPTURE site and contact us to get yourself the Demo App!

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