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T3K & Nuix: Advancing Digital Investigations with World's Best AI Media Classification


The market for image detection is experiencing an unparalleled surge globally. In 2022, the overall market value for image recognition stood at USD 45.02 billion and is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.4% from 2023 to 2030. There is also an increase in interest from government institutions, military bodies, and commercial entities in exploring media detection methods, including images and videos. This is aimed at expediting investigative procedures related to various critical matters such as human trafficking, counter-extremism, counterterrorism, organised crime, and drug abuse. A particular emphasis is being placed on detecting instances of child abuse.

Nuix and T3K have initiated a strategic alliance to couple their capabilities and respond to this growing need. The combined forces of Nuix and T3K software can help with identifying and curtailing the distribution of illegal content in images and videos, leveraging the premier AI-based classifiers and mobile forensic analytics platform of T3K with Nuix's powerful data collection and processing capabilities.

Central to this collaboration is an understanding that Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds the key to advancements in digital forensics, spawning unparalleled solutions that automate large-scale data analysis, thereby streamlining and hastening digital forensic investigations. T3K's CORE (Content Review Engine) exemplifies this technological progress. It is an AI-powered image and video classification tool that scrutinizes media data for illicit and unacceptable content.

"We are excited to embark on this transformative technology partnership between Nuix and T3K, propelling us into a new era in the field of media data detection. Our collective goal is to redefine industry standards with regards to link analysis and create immense value for investigators” said Oliver Harvey, EVP Customer Strategy & Innovation at Nuix.

The Nuix and T3K partnership enables:

  • Integration directly with Nuix: As a pure API solution allowing easy integration into existing Nuix infrastructure, T3K CORE supports Nuix digital forensics, eDiscovery and review platforms with enhanced media analytics.

  • Streamlined operations and cost savings: Deploying visual analysis and search on premises, T3K CORE reduces operational costs, increases efficiency, and keeps data behind air gaps.

  • Greater speed and precision: T3K CORE’s screening capabilities accelerate investigations and the ability to detect contents in data at scale, which involve large amounts of seized digital devices including child sexual abuse material (CSAM), identity cards, motor vehicles, military equipment, screenshots, documents and maps, handwriting, terrorist and violent extremist content (TVEC), PhotoDNA matching, face recognition from uploaded reference images, detection of visual 2D patterns to recognize logos, art, bank notes, tattoos, etc. from uploaded reference images.

  • Accelerated time to value: Integrating AI to find and classify visual content into the Nuix workflow reduces the manpower needed to derive actionable insights from data, saves investigators time and mental fatigue by letting the AI do the classification for them.

“Our collective goal is to provide a solution that’s making the world a safer place. Through this partnership, we will amplify our ability to deliver seamless integration that makes it easier to deploy, ensures a consistent and user-friendly experience for our customers” said Felix Klier, CEO of T3K.AI. “Together, with Nuix and T3K we will continue to explore new opportunities, expand our reach, and pursue ground-breaking use-cases.”

Get in touch with us today to discover how we can expedite your investigations in your Nuix infrastructure with the world's best AI media classifiers: or call us on +43 1 997 1033

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