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T3K Receives Safe Online Grant to Combat Online Child Exploitation

We’re thrilled to announce that T3K has been selected as one of the proud recipients of the Safe Online grant for research around the use of tech solutions for two key areas – age assurance and live streaming of abuse in the online CSEA ecosystem. This grant, a testament to our unwavering commitment, enables us to intensify our fight against Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) online.

When T3K was first founded (originally providing expert witness services for Austrian prosecutors), tackling CSAM cases was an immense challenge, if not the most challenging. Over five years ago, we embarked on a journey to develop a groundbreaking CSAM classifier in collaboration with law enforcement agencies. Today, T3K boasts one of the strongest CSAM classifiers in the market, along with other disruptive AI tech to protect our children and to help victims.

There's no doubt that AI is a game-changer in the fight against CSAM, making our efforts more efficient and less stressful for those who have to investigate. With the support of the Safe Online grant, we can now concentrate our efforts even more on this critical issue, expanding our capabilities to detect CSAM in livestreams. This marks a significant leap forward in safeguarding our children from online exploitation.

About Safe Online's Vision and Investment in Innovation

Safe Online, an NGO committed to keeping children safe online, is investing USD $2 million across 10 innovative projects, and we're proud to be one of the chosen recipients. This investment aims to seed and grow solutions that leverage technology to combat online child sexual exploitation and abuse (CSEA).

The focus of these projects extends beyond technology solutions, incorporating research on age assurance and live streaming of abuse in the online CSEA ecosystem. These themes were carefully selected based on global discussions, upcoming legislation, and emerging policy focus, as well as consultation with experts across the field.

Marija Manojlovic, Director of Safe Online, emphasizes the importance of a unified and proactive approach, stating, "Our understanding of how we approach age assurance and live streaming of abuse in the online CSEA ecosystem is fragmented and often reactive to current trends in digital harms. With these 10 new projects, Safe Online is promoting a unified and proactive approach that focuses on upcoming legislation, new and emerging technology and tackling rapidly evolving threats in the digital space.”

T3K.AI: CounterACT - Countering Abuse through Coercion or Trafficking

As part of this initiative, T3K.AI is adapting our API engine, CORE, specialized in AI-enabled detection of CSAM in pictures and videos, to detect CSAM in livestreams. The CounterACT project aims to optimize automatic screening of livestreams, empowering content-providing companies in the fight against streamed abuse.

This is not just a grant; it's a pivotal step in our ongoing mission to protect children from the darkest corners of the internet. Together, with Safe Online's support, we're making a difference. Let's continue to work hand-in-hand towards a safer online world for every child.

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