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Expanding our network at Nuix XLR8/23

One of the main integration partners for our media screening engine CORE is Nuix.

It’s been our pleasure to be able to join the XLR8/23 roadshow stops in Sydney and London, and now we’re getting ready for the Washington DC edition on 25th April.

Familiarizing Nuix users with our Classifiers, Text2image searching and all the cool stuff CORE offers is one side of the deal that we’ve really enjoyed during the first two stops. But we’ve also learned so much from users and their challenges.

One interesting takeaway is that no matter the use-case, whether you’re dealing with severe CSAM cases, you’re uncovering organized crime, or you’re working on large-scale GRC related investigations, the problem of filtering out data, getting rid of data that is not useful to your investigation, is a real one and a big one.

CORE can assist the user with this task by flagging several types of data directly in Nuix, to provide immediate indications of their nature, while also helping uncover the data that you are, in fact, looking for.

If you find yourself at Nuix XLR8/23 in Washington DC on 25th April, we’d love to talk to you about your individual challenge! We may well find out just where we can support you!

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